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Why Vulcan?

First ever comprehensive and affordable home automation solution provider. 

Retro Fit

No need for new construction or renovation. All our products are retrofit and need no new construction or expertise for installation.


Power Saving App

Monitor power consumption of individual room and appliances through our app. Also set timer for reducing power consumption.


Most of our products work on Li-0n battery eliminating the use of main power supply. This makes our products easy to install and use. Li-on gives long lasting backup up to 3-4 years.


IoT Technology_ Here the information about IoT applications, IoT examples, History of IoT, what is IoT platform, how IoT works

“IoT” the bridge between human and technology. All Vulcan products are Iot based making your life simpler and easier.

128 bit encryption

128 bit AES level encryption keeps your data safe from online attacks.

24x7 Support

IKEA US - Furniture and Home Furnishings

Having issue with our product. Not an issue just give us a call. We are ready to help at any point of the day.

Beautiful Products

Gain a friend and an assistant in one with the Tapia AI Robot Companion_

Beautiful products, not just to safeguard your home but also to add an element of beauty to your home. 

Easy to use

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Easy to use app makes toddlers and the elder once to use and control the products just with a click.

About us

The primary vision of our founders is to provide high quality, reliable and affordable solution to control and security of your home with minimal human effort in the Indian market. Along with households, we are currently focusing on hotels, office spaces, and major housing developers as well.
In the next 5 years, we see ourselves being present in the majority of Indian homes, owing to the ease of use of our products, our commendable easy installation, after-sales services and the fact that our products are 2-3 times more economically viable than those currently present in the market.