Stick Sense on a door, wall or window to detect motion and movement. With Quiet Open, you can open a door while the house is armed without setting off the alarm.



Monitors doors, windows and walls.

Battery CR2 x 1

Battery Life 2 years

Standby current 10uA

Standby time 5 years

Use time 1 years (15 times/day); 2years(7 times/day)

Wireless Type 2.4GHz

Protocol IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Wireless Range 45m

Operating Temperature 0°C– 40°C (327-104T)

Operating HumIdIty 20%— 85%

Storage Temperature 0°C 60°C (32T –140°F)

Storage Humidity Mb— 90%

Size:Main body 71mm x 21mm 022 mm

Small body 40mm x 11mm x 11 mm


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