Security without compromise

24 X 7 Surveillance

No more running to the switch to turn off the appliance. Turn the appliance on and off schedule it as per your requirement, without worrying about anything.

Moreover, our app allows you to keep an eye on your home an don your loved ones with real time monitoring.

Ease of use

No special training required for installation and for use of the products. All Vulcan products are designed for smooth and easy use.

Wifi camera


See what’s happening at home from anywhere! Our seamless integration with wireless IP cameras lets you stream a live feed on your smartphone. You can also view video footage for the past 7 days saved offline to identify and prevent thefts.


Don’t pay extra for a screen to control and monitor your smart home. Just use any of your old phone or tablet and convert it into a handheld screen.

Battery Life

Our products support  Li-on battery. So, no more worrying about those low life batteries.

Intrusion Proof

Don’t be afraid of these kind of scenes.Our locks are intrusion proof and any physical damage to it triggers emergency message to the registered devices. 

128 bit encryption


Our devices follow AES making communication a lot more safe and secure. 128 bit AES encryption makes them secure from hacking.

Instant control

Best Video DoorBell 2020

Powered by the Z-Wave smart home wireless protocol and multiple connectivity options, Vulcan home automation products provide you with remote access from anywhere around the world.


2_4G Wifi Wireless PIR Infrared Motion Smart Sensor Home Security Detector App Remote Control Work with Alarm Host Syste

Designed with the latest technology, Vulcan products are meant to be fast, non-disruptive and allow easy installation.